Legal entities are being brought to administrative responsibility for administrative offenses

In the last years the reforms are being carried out, which are specialized to improve the basis of protecting the business entities and private property, to overcome the obstacles in the developing, modernizing the le

The experience which has relevance to modern mechanisms of protecting consumers’ rights in foreign countries

        “The decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan about modernizing the judicial and institutional system of protecting consumers’ rights”  was accepted in the 11th of Septe

Issues of legal regulation of activities of subjects of social entrepreneurship

Today, there are a growing number of entrepreneurs operating at the crossroads of charities and commerce, innovation and traditional business practices to solve social problems.

“Golden heads abroad are ready to comeback, but we are losing them due to administrative obstacles” – Experts about young scientists

Since Uzbekistan has chosen the path of open policy, it has been trying to integrate with the outside world in every field.

Why so important is the added tax value?

This article is published on the basis of proposals on coordination of the outcomes of value-added tax in the economy and the analytical report submitted to the State Tax Committee as well a

The legal issues related to development of sales by vending machines

Entrepreneurship has a close connection with innovations.

Analytical article: problems of regulating of online taxi orderinAnalytical article: problems of regulating of online taxi ordering servicesg services

There is a great demand around the world for passenger transportation services (taxi). Taxi service also has its place in the tourism sector.

Monopoly of sales networks: freedom of contract or an abuse?

This article discusses the matters of implementation of restrictions against the monopoly of retail networks. It is being proposed to establish anti-monopoly regulations that will aid the pr

Buying apartments in new homes during construction: problem and solution

There are many people who want to buy apartments in new and modern apartment buildings and there are many homebuilding businesses which construct them.

Comparative-analytical article about the draft law on the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the new edition

In conditions of rapid development of socio-economic relations, it is necessary to adapt and update the legal norms regulating these relations to these processes.